Future Meetings




23rd February

The Victoria Cross


23rd March

Annual General Meeting

27th April

Essex Churches Then and Now

Andrew Smith

25th May

Elizabethan Witches of Essex

Kate Cole

22nd June

The Millbanks

Anne Brooks

27th July

Explorers and Traders ~ Essex Connections

Georgina Green

26th October

Music in the Petre Household in the Sixteenth Century

Lawrence Barker – Archivist ERO

23rd November

Film Show and Christmas Drinks.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Essex Society for Family History. Chelmsford Group Open Day. Saturday 18 June 2016

ESAH160: Essex Society for Family History. Chelmsford Grou...: The Essex Society for Archaeology and History is a late entrant to this event, to be held this coming Saturday.  Come along between 11am and 4pm. Free admission.

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